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The new i EVO DSi flash card from Team Cyclo DS is the first real DSi backup cart that support DSi only features such as the built-in camera and SD card access for storage.Unlike other DSi Compatible cards that run in DS MODE on the DSi the i Evolution cartridge runs in true full DSi mode and so it can use the full potential of the improved hardware like the faster CPU clock.While GNUboy DS (aka DS_GBC / DSBoy) was the first Gameboy emulator for the DS that had sound support (there was also the GBA-based Gooba Color), Lameboy quickly rose to victory as the superior emulator for the classic Nintendo portables.Lameboy is constantly being updated (last update as of this writing was just a few months ago) and has excellent compatibility, sound emulation, and save state support that its competition can not boast of.Supports NDS roms, Emulators of NES, Game Boy, MAME, SNES and other cobsoles, MP3files, Video, e Books and even Comics!Just because we have a DS doesn’t mean we don’t want to play some older portable Nintendo games.Real time save enables users to stop and resume playing any time in the game!R4 3DS Dual Core with RTS » R4 card is the best upgrade that you can buy for a Nintendo DS.

Gateway 3DS Flash Cards » The easiest way to start playing 3DS roms that is game backups is using SKY3DS.There is still some slight room for improvement, but I think you will be pleased by how polished Lameboy actually is.Along with nes DS, it is on the top of the Nintendo DS Emulation family.R4 Shop - lowest prices for all N3DS flash cartridges plus free shipping and 6 month warranty.Buy with confidence We sell only original carts that are flashed with the latest kernel that makes them compatible with all the latest console firmware versions. COM Which is better between these two Nintendo 3DS R4 and R4i Flash cards that is both priced at ?