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If your genital odor is strongly unpleasant, it can be a sign of a medical problem that your gynecologist missed.

Get a second opinion from another doctor who specializes in post-menopausal women. Owen Montgomery, a nationally certified menopausal practitioner, told me this: “Yes, changes in a woman’s hormones after menopause — mostly diminished estrogen production — affect her vulvar and vaginal environment and can change sensation, lubrication, friction, smell and even the types of normal bacteria present in her vagina.

Basically, guys want girls to be ready for them in the same way we'd want them to be ready for us.

The other part of it is ‘Who the F–k is Emily Post,’ cause my girlfriend Leslie – who I write with – she’s like, ‘You should do, like, an opposite manners book – like an opposite of‘” laughs Brandi, “and I’m like ‘Who the f–k is Emily Post?! ”Brandi also shares that she once dated Ben Stiller – way back in the 90’s, pre-Eddie, even. He sent me an apple plant that got gnats I remember and they were all in my house for a long time,” Brandi recalls. fizzled off.” Finally, Brandi explains that she won’t vote for Trump because she doesn’t feel he separates Celebrity Apprentice-edited- for-maximum-drama-reality from real-reality!

Thankfully she kept the details sparse – save to say Ben gave her something with some sticking power! (I actually think her comments are insightful here – don’t kill me! “He is on a reality show in his head right now,” opines Brandi.

Brandi now blames Lisa Vanderpump for purportedly lying during her deposition, which is causing the suit to drag on.“There’s part of me that loves her.

Unfortunately some things went down and they can’t be corrected,” complains Brandi.