Speed dating reading activity

If you've been working online, get them to browse through their blogs/flashcards/Variations On a nice day, it's really fun to do this activity outside/ in another area of your school/ courtyard or on rainy days in the hallway and obviously they can also do it while standing up! Powerpointing me Best, Karenne Have you ever done this activity, how well did it work?My Year 9 students are working on the rise of the Nazis.As part of this sequence of lessons, I want them to gain an understanding of how and why the Nazis' message appealed to different sections of German society.

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If you like, don't hesitate to print this exercise out/email it and share it with colleagues- see the buttons below.

Introductions and icebreakers; helping students cover a lot of material (e.g., sharing what they learned from readings); starting class discussion¬; allowing all students to speak without taking a lot of class time. Each person interviews the other, with questions provided by the instructor. Effects of small-group learning on undergraduates in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology: A meta-analysis.

Then the pair finds another couple and forms a quad.

You can download the materials used to deliver the activity below. Watch this space for video footage of the lesson being delivered!

Once this is completed, divide the class into groups of 5 (one of each of the five different characters).