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The social media phenomenon which told Facebook users about the extraordinary lives of people living in New York has spread its wings and flown to one of the world's lesser known countries, Papua New Guinea. 'Sometimes we just ask questions and sometimes we directly quote what they say, with full consent from them,' she said.

Told through the lenses of photographers, Victoria and Nixon Piakal, the project reveals the warmth and optimism of a troubled Pacific island nation's people, populated with communities that literally smile in the face of poverty. Papuans, as they are known, speak more than 800 languages.

Before cutting the ribbon signifying the opening, Minister Tkatchenko praised the partners for investing in the restaurant and bar as the majority of them were nationals.

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(HOPNG) 'What would be one thing you would want to pass on to your kid? Respect for self, respect for the environment, but especially respect for others ... At least I open the door for my woman.' 'We are very old, she has been my wife for a very, very long time, she's a good woman...' 'He's a good man too, but his right ear doesn't work, so I have to repeat everything! He takes care of me though' I'm going to the garden.' (HOPNG) 'Yeah? Ma is by herself so I better make haste.' (HOPNG) 'What's one of the most fascinating things you've learnt this year?

The woman chose to speak out about the horrific attack – condemned by the country’s prime minister Peter O’Neil as ‘the cowardly act of animals’ – to highlight the violence that women in Papua New Guinea experience. woman, who posed for a photograph but did not want to reveal her identity, spoke to media in Port Moresby as she and her husband waited for a flight to leave the country.

The brutal gang rape came less than a week after an Australian man living in the central highlands of Papua New Guinea was shot dead and his Filipina girlfriend gang raped when a group of men broke into their house. ‘I was walking along a bush track with my husband and our guide when we were ambushed by nine men armed with rifles and knifes,’ she said.

academic has been gang raped in Papua New Guinea by nine armed men who hacked off her blonde hair and left her husband tied naked to a tree.

Her husband and the guide were stripped and bound by the men, who then used a bush knife to hack off the woman’s hair before raping her in a terrifying ordeal lasting 20 minutes.