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The richest go to Milan and Paris to shop, while the small town "elite" visits the main cities and famous local designers.The less well off shop at marketplaces and used clothing stores (where a good suit may be bought for less than 1 Euro if you know when to visit).It’s unclear how many patients have been affected, but police say dozens have come forward to report being blackmailed.LITHUANIAN ART IN AMERICA ALGIMANTAS KEZYS Can Lithuanian art in America be defined?

Five people were jailed in the UK in 2009 for a total of 88 years in connection with the crime, but the investigation remains live.Shirtless James Mulvey, 40, wearing pants alone, was arrested by armed police from the National Crime Agency as they raided his Lithuanian hideout on Wednesday.An extraordinary picture shows bulky Mulvey, of Solihull, West Midlands, with his arms behind his back and tattoos running down his naked arms, as cops holding guns, watch on.The six of them have all been released while enquiries continue.Detective Constable Derek Tinsley, of the West Midlands Regional Recovery Team, said: 'This was a fantastic example of several law enforcement agencies - including ones overseas - working together to tackle crime.'About £40,000 in cash was recovered from addresses in the UK along with computers and digital devices which are now being forensically examined.