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Picture the scene – one of your good friends has gone away, backpacking through some enchanting yet fairly dangerous places. If you do get any messages from friends asking for sums of money (whatever the reason), you should immediately become suspicious.

If you can get to an internet caf̩ you can get to a phone Рnever send money without overwhelming proof of who you are sending it to.

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I’m not saying everyone’s out to get you This kind of scam is the perfect example of how your account can be misused should your details somehow get stolen. Your friend has lost her wallet in Lagos and now needs a quick Western Union money transfer or else she’ll surely be stuck. Has she simply forgotten to log out at an internet café and had her account compromised? These kinds of scams prey on those who make use of public access points, but you don’t necessarily need to be travelling to have your details stolen.

O cadastro é totalmente gratuito, após o cadastro é possível se montar um perfil, para que seja encontrado um parceiro(a) que se encaixe nesse perfil.

As coroas cadastradas no site são as mais belas da internet, não encontradas em nenhum outro site de relacionamento, em grande maioria são coroas já com a vida ganha, com profissões e longas experiências de vida, em alguns casos até mulheres casadas.

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Facebook here at MUO recently.

We’ve only just published our very unofficial guide to Facebook privacy, there’s the recent article about the new Facebook data downloader Even if you’re happy-as-Larry with the service, spend all your spare time poking your friends and uploading photos then you might be aware that a number of Facebook scams exist, some being more obvious to spot than others.