Error before updating scaffolding from new db schema conversation dating site

My versions keep as close to the originals as possible, changing only the coding language.

Scenarios could be like CMS systems that actually allow you to create UI or systems that generate dynamic data entry forms where the form definition is defined by the system itself. You now just have a class with regular methods on it that you can invoke in unit tests to find out if that controller is going to behave correctly. NET MVC − The MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern has actually been around for a few decades, and it's been used across many different technologies. NET runtime or ties to the ASPX page, which is very hard to test.This tutorial is the first in a series of a Visual Basic versions of the Getting Started with EF 6 using MVC 5 tutorials published on the net site.The original series, produced by Tom Dykstra and Rick Anderson ( @Rick And MSFT ) was written using the C# language.