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It threatened that any other app that fails to comply with those regulations will also be banned.

Users in the affected regions still will be able to chat online but must do so through Microsoft Messenger, the company's instant messaging product."This is a decision based upon consumer experiences, child protection and our strategic investment to build up MSN Messenger," Sutton said. software giant has been putting more weight behind its messenger service, including plans to license it to business customers and integrate it more closely with its money-losing MSN Web service.

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Do you check Facebook on your phone before you go to sleep? One hacker has shown how easy it is to track and graph the sleeping patterns of your friends."I was quite amazed with how uncomfortable some of my friends were with me knowing their sleeping habits," Danish privacy advocate and hacker Søren Louv-Jansen told ABC News.

Mr Louv-Jansen, a 27-year-old coder from Copenhagen, has developed a sleep-tracking program that automatically scrapes Facebook for data on when all his friends come online and when they log off.