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After a spouse has been selected, a go-between discusses the proposal with the parents, who need to be satisfied that the right choice is being made for their offspring.

So I thought I would take some time to learn and talk about the current Cambodian dating culture. Boy sees girl, she catches his fancy, but doesn't dare approach her. I know dating isn't the best invention of the modern Western world, but how else does one discover compatibility with a partner? For a country that is so focused on the family, they sure have a warped view of marriage.

Father and prospective suitor meet, discuss future marriage, and negotiate a price for his daughter, either monetary or goods. Men disrespecting their wives (and women in general) is common and expected.

Relationships and dating are an area interest for me, ironically, being single and all. If a girl and boy are seen together alone somewhere it is assumed they are already engaged or married. Many are still arranged marriages, where neither party has a choice in who they are marrying. At this point, the couple is engaged and now may get to know each other a little. Well, women are taught since birth to respect men and honor and obey them. Husbands are abusive and unfaithful, and wives are supposed to take it.

Probably because of my job, where I actually teach students how to have a healthy relationship, and future marriage. But others it's your typical boy-meets-girl scenario, with a twist. The wedding arrives and its a rich celebration steeped in tradition and family honor. It's no wonder so many in this culture are in bondage!