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From my past experiences with excel, I knew there was a way to import stock quotes from a Yahoo Finance or a MSN Money. Prior to the Excel 2010 version, pulling stock quotes into excel required a plug-in.

But, when I googled "stock quotes into Excel", a bunch of junk popped up. They removed this plug-in for Excel 2010 and later versions and actually just incorporated it in the software itself.

I will take you through the steps to be followed to achieve this. Then, click on “Connections” which opens “Workbook Connections” and click on “Add” button.

For users who have created their own portfolios, in Yahoo! Excel provides a simple way to download financial data into a preconfigured spreadsheet at the click of a button. The CSV will be automatically downloaded to your computer.Most of us use Microsoft Excel in our daily life in many ways.We use it to keep track of tasks to be completed using color coding and people dealing with business, use it to keep track of products brought and sold and everyone uses it in some or the other way.