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Dorrell’s aim was so astounding that at least one person who first approached Rodick after he was fatally wounded thought the man had committed suicide.

“To be in that moment and to have the presence of mind with all that is going — to know that there is an officer down, to know that people are being shot at, to know that this guy is armed to the hilt — to be able to stop yourself, take in that sight picture, slow your breathing and pull that trigger one time and end this thing,” 18th Judicial District Attorney George Brauchler told reporters at a Thursday morning news conference. “That kept this from turning this I think into something far worse.” The recording was released as prosecutors announced no officers will be charged for firing their weapons during the Sept.

Billy’s oldest son Matt, 33, even hangs out at the lodge’s bar and restaurant.

According to a separate source, Matt — who as Radar exclusively reported, was once arrested for DUI after having sex with a girl he met in a Juneau bar— is ready and eager to hook up with girls on his home turf.

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Authorities, including Brauchler, praised the actions of first responders, saying their quick response undoubtedly prevented further bloodshed.

Two locals exclusively tell Radar that Billy, Ami and the whole gang actually live in a cozy Hoonah, Alaska, hotel!

Despite the fakery accusations, the Browns haven’t tried to hide their cushy digs.

Celebrating its 100-year anniversary, the National Park Service has partnered with, the philanthropic media organization, to bring the bears back to our screens this summer.

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