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Advanced Editing includes features like layers, masks, text entry, and selection options and tools.

Advanced Editing is an important category because it holds high value for both consumer-level photo editors and professionals.

When you render with SU Podium, this content will appear in your image as a photo-realistic object without any additional preparation.

Podium Browser is part of SU Podium V2/ V2 Plus and works with Sketch Up versions 8, 20, Windows and Mac.

It is a free image viewer for the Windows operating system that is now available for download at the official product website. Probably the best feature of the program is its speed and performance.

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Heavy image manipulation, such as cloning and the like, can be done in a full editing suite, such as Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop.Check out the links below based on your specific needs to help narrow down the list and find the right photo editing software for you.Advanced Editing includes the editing tools that are required by most professionals and appreciated by the average consumer photo editor.Corel have released After Shot Pro 2, the second version of their Raw conversion tool and is now laden down with 64-bit compatibility for super fast Raw conversion, HDR tools, updated Raw profiles as well as enhanced existing features such as easier batch processing, coping with larger images as well as a workspace overhaul.After Shot Pro 2 costs £57.99 with a 30 day money back guarantee. The 142Mb file that we downloaded from the Corel website took us a while to download, but we are running off a 512Mb broadband system.

Acdsee pro 3 thumbnail not updating